Heading to the mountains…

I am going missing for a week or so…heading to our annual trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.  I know I am behind this week in commenting, but I promise I will catch up when I return.  Have a wonderful week everyone!  Hopefully I will come back w/ tons of pictures!  🙂


~ by Tammy on June 1, 2011.

21 Responses to “Heading to the mountains…”

  1. Enjoy your vacation time . . . can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Stay off the Wild Turkey up there Old Girl it doesn’t mix well with altitude. Have a great time and say hello to Rocky, and Bullwinkle!

  3. Enjoy your trip my friend! I’ll miss ya!

  4. Jealous!! Have a great time!!

  5. enjoy!

  6. I’ll miss you, but I’m looking forward to seeing your photos when you return. I gotta say that I envy you your trip–I was there once some 20 years ago and would love to go back and spend more than a day–and without a toddler!

  7. Jealous!

  8. Have a great time! I’m sure we will all be rewarded by what you see.

  9. Have a great getaway and happy snapping!

  10. Gorgeous landscape shot! Have fun. I’m actually kind of jealous.

  11. Ditto on the jealous! Have a great time.

  12. Have a wonderful trip to the Rockies!

  13. Have a safe and beautiful journey Tammy!

  14. Have so much fun and take lots of pics!!

  15. Have a wonderful trip!

  16. Those clouds looks like Cool Whip has been dolloped on top! Have a great trip!

  17. LOVE RMNP have a great time and bring back tons of pics!

  18. it is reality????PARADISE!!!!!

  19. WoW!! Stunning!!

  20. Beautiful! Such a wonderful part of our country. Have a (or hope you had) a great trip!

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