151. Wild

Nebraska’s state flower, the golden rod, grows wildly every where.


~ by Tammy on June 1, 2011.

13 Responses to “151. Wild”

  1. Wonderful blend of colors.

  2. I think the same as Val does, so beautiful!

  3. Pretty picture but that stuff kills my allergies! 🙂

  4. Nice bokeh and color. The breath of the summer:-) Have a nice day:-)

  5. What a happy and summery shot. I like the soft, warm colors.

  6. Nice color and bokeh . . . I feel a sneeze coming on . . .

  7. Explains your partying style – W-W-I-I-L-L-D-D –

  8. As soft as spring…

  9. Beautiful composition with those lovely yellows and greens.

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. Lovely! Such a fine range of yellow to green.
    I was just shooting my state flower today for the same theme.

  12. Lovely shot — although the folks with hay fever are probably not too thrilled by it –lol. I guess I shouldn’t talk, my university’s flower is the dandelion.

  13. Such a pretty flower, Doesn’t look a thing like the golden rod that blooms in fall that gives so many people allergies.

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