150. Depth of Field

I shot this w/ the aperature wide open…I loved the bokeh it created!   🙂  Since it was fairly windy I used the manual focus, this was harder than it looks lol

~ by Tammy on May 31, 2011.

19 Responses to “150. Depth of Field”

  1. Very well done! I love the bokeh too!

  2. I do like the motive and the processing

  3. Love the inclusion of the soft-focus grass behind the main subject. Really adds to the depth. Fun experiment!

  4. I agree- nice bokeh.

  5. So pretty and calming. I like the warm shades of green. Can’t get enough after so many months of grayness and snow.

  6. Good example to the theme. I especially like that you took the twig behind the sharp one. It adds depth to the picture.

  7. Wonderful DOP effect with sharp focus in front, soft focus behind blending into the creamy bokeh.

  8. I love this shot Tammy!
    Such a gorgeous background, and it almost looks like it’s glowing.

  9. Clue – In High wind, snap thick plants skinny ones move too much. Great shot for the conditions and YES the Bokeh is to die for, Perfect Circles so Japanese!

  10. Bokeh really adds a neat element to the background…a plus for this simple subject. On manual focus…I can’t believe that that was the way we all used to do it not that many years ago. So easy to take technology for granted!

  11. What a fabulous image for me to come back too!! You know how I feel about bokeh!!

  12. Something about those soft monotones make this photo very soothing to the eye.

  13. Supplementary Question Tammy did you got to go to Smackdown which had finally comeback to Onaha Nebraska. YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!

  14. Wonderful bokeh! I really like the almost reflective quality of the out of focus plant.

  15. Really dreamy, I love the soft grass head echoing the the front one. Plants seem to be especially suited for shooting wide open

  16. Wonderful! I like it! great job.

  17. I really love this one! Beautiful!

  18. No.. it looks hard! But you captured it perfectly!

  19. Beautiful bokeh… I dont think I’ve ever seen such smooth/round bokeh. Well captured

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