Today’s Flowers: Spring Time Colors

To see more flowers head on over to Today’s Flowers.


~ by Tammy on May 29, 2011.

26 Responses to “Today’s Flowers: Spring Time Colors”

  1. That last one is really special!

  2. OMG…you are killing me with your awesome bleeding heart shots!!! So fabulous! Your flower shots are wonderful Tammy!

  3. Knockouts! I especially love the yellow magnolia

  4. Little pink flippy wigs again – I love them. I really love the last one. What is that?

  5. Beautiful flowers.

  6. So pretty! I live the vibrant shades of pink.

  7. They are gorgeous. The colors are amazing!
    Come & Play: Thursday Two Questions

  8. So beautiful and crisp. The middle flower shapes like a heart, or an earring.

  9. amazing and awesome, I do like them all. Every flower is a miracle in itself.

  10. Thanks for the nice words everyone, and Giselle, the last flower is an Alium. One of my favorites!

  11. Lovely images!! My kind of shots– the Bleeding Hearts are super [I’ve got some to post at some future date]. Thanks for for visit to my site, which occasioned my trip here, for which I am grateful. You have a wonderful eye — love your work and I am going to Follow you [if you don’t mind –smile].

  12. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful flowers. I love those bleeding hearts. Have a great day!


  13. So pretty and clear I can almost smell them.

  14. Beautiful images for a beautiful time of the year. Have never seen a yellow magnolia – such a lovely color.

  15. These are stunningly beautiful!

  16. Your macros are magnificent!

  17. each photo is so lovely~

  18. They are all so beautiful! Marvelous captures.

  19. My fave is the partially opened allium on the bottom with all its details…it does look like a shot of a bad hair day!

  20. Great! Number 3 leads it off for me with that explosion of purple.

  21. All beautiful and refreshing to the eye! I prefer the top one–the utter simplicity and the soft back-lighting aver very appealing to me.

  22. As always, so very beautiful Tammy!
    The first one is truly perfection.
    Beautifully done!!

  23. Love all these flowers. Nice collection!

  24. That yellow magnolia is a really special image. The translucent petals and the amazing detail in the center parts are enviable. It reminds me of an illustration from an old-time horticultural book. A framer, I think!

  25. Beautiful images of some beautiful flowers.

  26. lovely selection of flowers. I really like the bottom one, the colours are fantastic, and the image is so clear

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