146. The Letter “O”

Which “O” do you guys like better?


~ by Tammy on May 27, 2011.

22 Responses to “146. The Letter “O””

  1. Hi Tammy,
    I like the goose one best. Amazing they can turn their necks that far around. Great shots! Have a great day!


  2. The top one! So clever!

  3. The top one!

  4. I like the first one best. Great photos to the theme and alsp nice bokeh. Have a nice weekend.

  5. two wonderful “O”s, great shots for the theme!

  6. I love the goose..both the form and the colors/background. Very nice composition.

  7. Top one!! Very creative!

  8. I like them both! Love the colors too.

  9. Hey I think Tammy stolemy Western Australian Swan

  10. Most definitely the first one.
    It is truly a perfect “o!!”

  11. The bottom one! It’s a wig wag and I know a bunch of train freaks. Do you see the face in the trellis of that photo? Somehow it reminds me of a bear, but don’t ask me why.

  12. Too hard to choose but I do like the swan and how you can see the ‘teeth like’ edge on its beak. Strangely enough I can see a bear’s snout in the red stoplight…

  13. The swan/goose (not sure which it is), hands down! It’s just so sleek and elegant.

  14. I’m not choosing, they are both so fine. I love the detail you got in the swan, especially its eye.

  15. The swan …. and what a great interpretation!

  16. top one! great timing

  17. They are both interesting images. The swan is so creative . . .

  18. My fav is the feathered one. Great eye – great capture!

  19. The first one. So graceful…

  20. Two great “O”s, but I prefer the top one, its stunning

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