144. Relationship

I know you are all probably getting sick of my bird pics, but I have been trying to capture the male and female cardinal together forever, they are always together but never within a picture’s reach.  Northern Cardinals mate for life and stay together the entire year….I guess I would call that a relationship for sure!


~ by Tammy on May 25, 2011.

17 Responses to “144. Relationship”

  1. I’m definitely not sick of the bird photos.This one looks like the pair put their heads together on cue for a couple’s photo. Great capture!

  2. Never tire of your photos…no matter what they are! So glad you caught them together! They’re very cute!

  3. Good catch! They are so skittish…hard to catch one, let alone two.

  4. I am not tired of the birds either, but I am very jealous as I can’t even get ONE of my cardinals in a decent shot, despite having my camera in the yard with me when I am out there. Very nicely done….I think that there needs to be a cat photobomb in the background to make it perfect 🙂

  5. This was definitely worth the wait — great capture. Definitely love the bird pictures, don’t stop on my account. This is definitely a framer!

  6. Wonderful capture! I love to hear the song of the Cardinal and to see a pair together is a treat.

  7. Aha, two angry birds, or? Great capture to the theme. Have a nice day:-)

  8. I’ll never go sick because of bird pics, because I do love the birds, all the birds. Since years I am running behind these winged animals.

  9. That is really worth the wait – and who complained – it wasn’t me your Honour, musta been three other guys!

  10. Because you have the patience to capture this type of photo, I will never tire of your bird photos or any other.

  11. That is a special capture, Tammy. I never realized just how gray the female is until now.

  12. I never tire of your bird photographs Tammy.
    They are all so wonderful.
    What a sweet shot this is!

  13. Nice to see the pair together and perfect for the theme. I sure wish we had red birds out this way.

  14. Yes this is another great bird pic, don’t stop snapping these creatures.

  15. Hi Tammy,
    I love your bird pictures! My point and shoot doesn’t get pictures this good. Very handsome couple. Have a great day!


  16. Your bird pictures are amazing, this one is no exception.

  17. Another winner. I didn’t know they mate for life…

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