Today’s Flowers: Green and Pink

Thanks to my blogging friend, Grace, I found a new website called Today’s Flower.  This is a site where everyone shares their flower pictures (and you all know how I love to take pics of flowers).   Today I am posting  my pink and green flowers that I planted today.  Have you ever seen a pink and green petunia?  Neither have I, and I had to have some when I saw them!  🙂

I also love this pink fuzzy flower…it reminds me of rock candy!


~ by Tammy on May 23, 2011.

21 Responses to “Today’s Flowers: Green and Pink”

  1. very pretty – both of them.

  2. The website is a lucky find for an Addict, don’t expect me there though!

  3. The coloring of the petunia, and the rock candy bloom are fantastic!

  4. These are both gorgeous! Awesome colors.

  5. I took a photo of a petunia like that at the Lexington Arboretum last fall. It’s called Pretty Much Picasso. Lovely shot my friend!

  6. I have not seen a pink and green petunia, but they do make a lovely photo–at least in your capable hands.

  7. Love that top one. I’ve never seen that color combo before.

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. What a great color mash up in that petunia. You caught the light so well, these both glow.

  10. These are gorgeous Tammy, especially the second one. Gorgeous pinks!! Thank you for sharing the Today’s Flowers link too!!

  11. Both very beautiful, has anyone warned this website about your obsession LOL!

  12. Really great colors! I love the one whos purple and lightgreen 🙂

  13. green and pink and wonderful!

  14. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful flowers. I love that petunia. Never seen one that color before. Have a great day!


  15. Excellent photos. I love the beautiful tones. Very nice and delicious flowers

  16. You will love FLOWERS FROM TODAY. there u can exhibit your photos…and to learn some tips with all of them…I learned many subjects with FLOWERS FROM TODAY´S FRIENDS.


    You have taken excellents photos..macros or not.nice day

  17. never I have seen these flowers in all my life.

  18. Grrreat! Interesting colors on the petunia. You captured details so very well.

  19. Love the petunia side view which showcases its shape so well…don’t you just love all the new colors they’ve developed?

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