142. Macro Monday: Alive

While I was planting some flowers this robin just flew up and landed beside me…I was able to grab my camera and shoot a few shots while he watched me, I was beginning to wonder if he was alive.  Finally Chloe noticed him and the moment ended (and I also then knew he was very alive)! 

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~ by Tammy on May 23, 2011.

23 Responses to “142. Macro Monday: Alive”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Very handsome fellow/lady. I also like your breakfast shot, really great. Have a great day!


  2. I can see all the details in the many layers of the feathers!

  3. Wow! The detail you caught is amazing! Did you take this with the 60D? Rob took ours to a concert the other night and he is beyond walking on clouds with the photos he got. 🙂

  4. great amount of detail you’ve captured

  5. … and I hope he will have a wonderfull summertime in your garden!

  6. Fabulous detail!

  7. So much detail . . . wonderful capture!

  8. Wow! Great photo. Great detail.

  9. Lucky you…to have a robin pose for you. Wonderful detail!!!

  10. What a gorgeous shot ! so lively

  11. That’s really up close – great shot!

  12. So this was when the Red Red Robin came Bob Bob Bobbin along! Love the closeness, you are so Lucky

  13. That is quite amazing that you were able to get your camera and take some shots. This one is wonderful!

  14. Wonderful details of this robin. Happy Macro Monday!

  15. Another great shot from my favorite nature photographer.

  16. Gorgeous!

  17. Again a fantastic capture! You have some animal juju and photo skill that makes them all love to pose for you.

  18. Beautiful photographs and the petunia is so unique…so pretty!

  19. Absolute perfection Tammy!!
    This is wonderful. I hope you are thrilled with this one.

  20. Perhaps he was waiting for you to dig up a worm or two for him, in payment for this fabulous shot!

  21. Love being able to see the pupil in his(her) eye!

  22. Wow, amazing robin photo. How lucky you were to have your camera at the ready. Perfect photo.

  23. Now we have robins, so this is a great study in the detail of the bird!

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