136. Slam on the Brakes

Coming in for a landing….

~ by Tammy on May 17, 2011.

23 Responses to “136. Slam on the Brakes”

  1. Great capture and love the blur! Shows so much of the movement it’s great!

  2. wooow, this is a shot!

  3. Great BIF shot!! 🙂

  4. Woah! Excellent use of this theme! Great capture!

  5. LOL, LOL! How in the world do you get these great images!?!

    • Drink coffee at my kitchen sliding glass door and wait patiently lol I almost threw this one away since it was so blurry and then I decided I kinda liked it.

  6. That is cool how you captured this. Pretyy shot.

  7. Great use of theme.

  8. Great title! Made me laugh.

  9. This is FANTASTIC!!
    Your title could not be more perfect.

  10. looks like how I landed after parasailing!

  11. When you have landed turn into runway D and proceed to Terminal 3 right next door to the feeder.

  12. This is very cool!

  13. Hilarious Tammy!

  14. I’m sorry–but that bird looks SO much like the one featured as the icon for the famed Angry Birds game.

  15. lol Bobbie…. stay tuned…he’s coming tomorrow! 🙂

  16. A fab catch, I’m glad you didn’t toss it. Interesting that his tail/landing gear is most in focus

  17. This really made me smile, and in the next shot I’d like to see a little puff of smoke as he touches down.

  18. Whoa, he does have the landing gear down!

  19. I have seen a real bird angry…reminds of someone I know. Squawk to hear themselves talk.

  20. Wow! He looks like a jet landing. Great catch! And perfect for the theme.

  21. Ha Ha … great capture!

  22. Nice catch here, a little less blur and you have a panning shot!

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