133. Busy

Busy as a bee….I know, not the most creative, but I am not feeling too creative these days lol


~ by Tammy on May 14, 2011.

16 Responses to “133. Busy”

  1. I love this one, the bee, the purple — what’s not creative! Spring is here — time to get out and look at life in a new way! See I’m trying to convince myself too. Karen and I went to Brimfield Antique Fair on Thursday and that’s got some creative thoughts! Wish you were closer Tammy so you could join us……

  2. Terrific macro.

  3. I like how much detail you caught on the bee with his fuzzy little legs

  4. Awesome capture Tammy, those bees are so busy.

  5. Awesome capture . . . stay away from that stinger.

  6. Beeeautiful Shot Madame Kreative!

  7. It is a fuzzy little bug, isn’t it? Glad he overwintered and is out doing his thing. We need more bees!

  8. A truly amazing macro Tammy!
    Beautifully done.

  9. I luvzzz’s the fuzzz!

  10. This is amazing! Not creative…pffttt! Your creativity inspires me every day!

  11. Just beeeeeeautiful, love all those fine furry bits on his legs.

  12. Well done!

  13. That is an incredible macro!

  14. wonderful shot, congratulations!

  15. great portrait of a cat..congrats

    I was abroad and so I couldn´t visit you..sorry..
    nice weekend

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