131. Fairytale

Go ahead, kiss him, he just might be your Prince (or Princess)…

This poor little toad fell (or jumped into our pond) and couldn’t get out.  Ryan saved him, although I think he was a bit stunned, he sat very still for a very long time…didn’t even seem to notice the camera….wish all my subjects were like this lol

~ by Tammy on May 12, 2011.

21 Responses to “131. Fairytale”

  1. excellently done, I do like the picture and the story you are telling.

  2. Great shot of him…but I’ll pass on the kiss 🙂

  3. He sure is ugly! I’ll pass on the kiss, too.

  4. Great shot and a good choice to the theme. I like it:-)

  5. ya never know!!!!
    great shot!

  6. Great details!

  7. Quite the model. Maybe if someone gives him that kiss he will turn into Brad Pitt.

  8. How can one look so sweet and so grumpy at the very same time??
    This is a fantastic photograph Tammy. I LOVE it!

  9. Awesome capture Tammy!!!

  10. He looks old and wise.

  11. I can’t take my eyes off his eyes, great close-up!

  12. Was that Tammy Toad a business rival that crossed the WoW Line? No wonder he was stunned. Do him a favour and turn him into a badger.!

  13. He’s a very handsome toad. I read my Grimm’s fairy tales and know that he has to be kissed by a woman so I leave it up to you to bring him into the next realm.

  14. A fab shot indeed! I may pass on the kiss bit but I can look into his eyes for a while, you got the focus spot on them.

  15. dear Thammy

    you present interesting shot..I like it

    Do u know what is happening with BLOGGER? do u get to comment on? I am trying since last night.

  16. Toady was stunned by how cold the water was! Leaving the door open for a terrific photo op.

  17. He does look ready to pucker up!

  18. Awesome portrait of a toad!

  19. Aww, poor little thing… great shot tho!

  20. Great DOF and clarity here Tammy.

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