128. Macro Shot

I fell in love w/ this little bloom starting to open….love that color!  🙂   Happy Macro Monday!

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~ by Tammy on May 9, 2011.

20 Responses to “128. Macro Shot”

  1. Wow! That is fabulous! I love the color too!

  2. Nice Close up. I like the contrast and color too.

  3. This is a great macro shot. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful bloom!

  5. Tammy, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    Beautiful in every way.

  6. all the beginning, where it might occur, is something blessed and enchanted

  7. I have been trying and failing to take a good photo of our magnolia buds. This is a stunning photo, just lovely.

  8. Something out of the ordinary.
    Strong image.

  9. great colors and I love the texture you captured in the center

  10. Wonderful colour! I love this!

  11. Caught just at the right moment!

  12. that color is great! i would love to have a whole bouquet on a table 🙂

  13. Very detail and color is awesome!!

  14. Love the close-up, you’re so good at these!

  15. ABsolutely gorgeous!

  16. You’ve shone us the hidden heart of the flower.

  17. Gorgeous light and depth of field.

  18. Lovely shot. Great colours and contrast…

  19. Beautiful! So much detail, I can feel the texture of the flower petals.

  20. I like this tiny glimpse into the inner workings of the tulip. Beautiful colors too…

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