126. Art

More Kaneko heads at Lauritzen gardens.  Yesterday it was close to 80 degrees and the perfect day for a walk at the gardens!  I think the warm weather has finally arrived!


~ by Tammy on May 7, 2011.

14 Responses to “126. Art”

  1. Truly an artistic capture, well done Tammy

  2. Love the garden and the Keneko heads.

  3. very cool heads.

  4. Nice composition with the round heads and the pointed building. I love his sculptures being out in the garden. We saw them inside a museum.

  5. Easter Island has moved to Nebraska???

  6. Just what every modern garden needs, are they permanent fixtures?

  7. Interesting contrast between the heads, and the modern building behind them.

  8. Great interest in this image with all the shapes and textures!

  9. Love the contrast you caught here of the building with the heads. Hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day tomorrow!

  10. I, too, like the contrasts between the rounded heads and the triangle building. So glad to hear spring is there…………it can’t be too long for us then….

  11. All kinds of angles and lines in this image. Love it.

  12. Love the composition and colours in this photo.

  13. I like how the tones of the heads somewhat mimic the highly contrasted sky. Nice set up and angle for this.

  14. WEErie–especially with that minimalist building behind it. It’s so surreal one wouldn’t expect it to be a photo.

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