123. Creative

Ok, you all know what a topaz plug in junkie I am…so….I had to do it.  I invested in the new Topaz Lens Effects and I am loving it!  It brings  so much more creativity to the processing process (and it is so much fun to play with)!


~ by Tammy on May 6, 2011.

19 Responses to “123. Creative”

  1. Now we know where you get your Hairdo Ideas from too Trendy!

  2. Wonderful Tammy, I have the 30 day free version and am doing some testing. So far this new addition to topaz is pretty good.

  3. Had to LOL at Ron’s comment. 😀

    I got the Topaz-guy email, too, but haven’t given it a whirl. Maybe I should…

  4. What I said previously! 😉

  5. I love this flower…looks like it has feathers!

  6. … and it’s a delight to look at the results!

  7. Fun, fun, fun! Beautiful.

  8. I downloaded a copy last night but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. This is so cool, Tammy! Which affect(s) did you apply?

  9. Love the effect . . .

  10. gorgeous – I might have to try the free trial now.

  11. I knew you’d be first on that bandwagon! I watched one of the webinars and thought it looked way cool. Love the way this turned out…

  12. oh yeah, Great.

  13. This is so gorgeous. The details are stunning.

  14. Gorgeous!

  15. Simply stunning details in this image. Great shot, and wonderful processing.

  16. It just glows!

  17. Oooh – love the processing and the image!

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