121. Bathtime

I made a new friend this week….this is my friend’s cat and it is the friendliest cat (and cleanest cat) you will ever meet!

~ by Tammy on May 4, 2011.

14 Responses to “121. Bathtime”

  1. What a cutie!

  2. woow, so beautiful, great idea for the theme, I do love this.

  3. Wonderful shot of your new friend in his morning routine.

  4. She’s a cutie. Love how you captured her in action.

  5. Awesome capture Tammy!!

  6. Great capture!

  7. The purr-fect shot! Sorry, I had to say it. It is right up there with the rest of your animal shots.

  8. Great capture!

  9. Wonderful action shot and she appears as diligent as Snow Love your perspective here.

  10. She almost looks like she is smiling mid-lick.

  11. Great shot, Tammy. You need a cat in your household for all the photo opportunities they provide.

  12. Wonderful…this cat looks like my daughter’s cat, Truman.

  13. Amazing shots. Your new friend is very beautiful.

  14. Oh I see, I’m reading the posts backwards, yes washing himself, now that is a lengthy activity 🙂

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