120. Shapes in Nature


~ by Tammy on May 3, 2011.

21 Responses to “120. Shapes in Nature”

  1. very nice! I just took few shots of these today. Yours look like they are wearing little pink wigs with flipped up hair!

  2. Love the Bleeding Hearts. Mine are just coming up . . . soon

  3. I want my comment to match your comentary so …………. They do look like wigs though! LOL

  4. I remember the photo you posted of these last year…I think that’s when I fell in love with photographing flowers. Maybe this year I will be able to find some of these! Absolutely beautiful!

  5. What unique looking flowers!

  6. Aren’t they the most cheerful looking flower? I like this chance to see them right up close…

  7. Such pretty little posies!

  8. Beautiful Tammy!!

  9. They are an exquisite looking flower.

  10. so beautiful, the “heart-flower”

  11. Love them Tammy! I have three plants that I put in last year and they are just coming back to life — hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures soon!

  12. Beautiful, I wonder why they carry the moniker bleeding heart.

  13. Wonderful shape! I love them…in swedish they are called “löjtnantshjärta” = heart of a lieutenant.

  14. A beautiful composition and such wonderful simplicity Tammy!

  15. […] today, and were sadly disappointed.  The florist had some, but they did not look like either Tammy’s or Ms. Pearl’s.  They were small and squished and not pretty at all.  Even the leaves […]

  16. Beautiful! My bleeding hearts are not quite in bloom yet, but not long now….

  17. Great photo…can hardly wait for mine to bloom.

  18. I love the depth you have here, the echoing hearts in the background are sweet.

  19. These look like ‘snap dragons’ Lovely flowers beautifully photographed.

  20. Beautiful blooms, and such delicate colours, Well shot!

  21. Beautifully rendered–color and detail both.

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