119. Interior


~ by Tammy on May 2, 2011.

23 Responses to “119. Interior”

  1. Great take on the theme. So crisp and colorful.

  2. Yeah, I love this! Great against the black background and the angle keeps it interesting. Well spotted and shot, Tammy!

  3. Composition Perfect. Contrast Perfect. Focus Perfect. Hue and Saturation Perfect. Flower Broken – Why??? LOL

  4. Oh my goodness girl! This is AMAZING! Should be in a gallery 🙂

  5. The red is so vibrant, especially against the black background. I love the lone leaf as well. Nice touch.

  6. Your close-up photography is amazing!!!

  7. Stunning macro Tammy, love everything about this.

  8. Stunning Tammy!!

  9. gorgeous!

  10. Wowzer! Did you do this in a light box? Love the black background.

    • No, I just put it on a black foam board in front of my sliding glass door so the natural lighting would hit it from the side….in processing I darkened the blacks a bit and sharpened it a bit.

  11. Nice job with the lighting and composition Tammy, and an especially clever shot for the theme.

  12. Beautiful. Ours have barely bloomed!

  13. extraordinary well done for the theme!

  14. I agree with all the above!

  15. Different and creative to the theme. Have a nice day:-)

  16. Absolutely stunning!

  17. Wonderful image, the black background really sets the red tulip off.

  18. You made lemonade out of a damaged lemon…great shot! Our tulips aren’t blooming yet.

  19. Such Colours!

  20. Wow, great shot, filling the whole frame perfectly. So sharp and colourful, and so well lit.

  21. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! A completely new vision of a tulip unlike any I’ve seen before.

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