117. Comfort Foods

“I dare ya’, go ahead and try to get one of my peanuts”…


~ by Tammy on April 28, 2011.

20 Responses to “117. Comfort Foods”

  1. Go away – Silverbacks DON”T Share – Get your own. Oh come back if you have some to spare.

  2. I think he liked them!

  3. a great shot! Good appetite!

  4. Das OK. You can keep them!

    Great shot, Tammy!

  5. Great capture . . . doesn’t look like he wants to share.

  6. MINE! He looks like he loves them.

  7. I’d be most comfortable not asking him to share his comfort food! Stunning image.

  8. Wonderful capture, Tammy. I always admire how you manage to get a little bit of personality in all your animal shots….

  9. MINE!!! They’re all MINE!

  10. Nicely done…a really wonderful photo!

  11. Awesome up close shot!

  12. Excellent! And your caption completes it.

  13. “Don’t touch my stuff!!!”
    I LOVE this shot!

  14. Stunning details. Fabulous picture.

  15. I think this is my favorite nature shot of yours, Tammy! It is something I need to stare at for I see so much. Love everything about it. I have a coworker who looks kind of like this fellow.

  16. Love the expression. I definitely wouldn’t try to take any of his peanuts. He looks like he means business.

  17. Lots of emotion here…well done!

  18. Again you have made an extraordinary shot at your zoo! Do you talk to them? so fine.

  19. Great animated shot! again, pin-sharp where it matters!

  20. Great shot — go ahead, make my day!!!

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