116. Glowing

I love this glowing hair do….all made up for a night on the town!

~ by Tammy on April 27, 2011.

24 Responses to “116. Glowing”

  1. Wow Tammy – beautiful…

  2. Nice capture Tammy!!

  3. Very cool!

  4. Ain’t self Portraits revealling!

  5. And what side of this family does this one belong to? Very beautiful… but after all the family pics, I expected one more.

  6. Great looking dude!

  7. Ha – saw the caption before the photo – thought it was another shot of one of your boys’ prom dates. 😛

  8. Looks like he stuck his beak in the light socket!

  9. I confess that I was expecting a prom picture as well.

  10. Wow,nice haircut:-) Where do you find all these strange animals?

  11. very, very beautiful, I do like it, too.

  12. Great hairdo! Beautiful image!

  13. a glowing show stopper for sure! well captured.

  14. Exposure had to be tough here–but you’ve got the glowing hair AND the glowing eye AND the beak and none of it blown out. Amazing.

  15. Perfect caption for this shot!

  16. a great portrait and it makes me think of alll the strange hats i saw at the wedding in London on TV today. This one is so much better than many of them

  17. Now this is style!
    Wonderful “hair!!”
    Great shot.

  18. Very cool bird – you just want to reach in and touch it. It makes me think of a few of those hats seen at the Royal Wedding!

  19. Looks like a dandelion that has gone to seed. I have seen some similar hairstyles at my mom’s retirement villa.

  20. Love this shot. Talk about bad hair (or should I say feather?) day.

  21. I’m with Christina…much better design than those Royal Wedding “fascinators”. Great photo! Course, Mother Nature is the ultimate designer too.

  22. Hehe, that looks like my hair 5 minutes after I have brushed it! Lovely pin-sharp image, and great bokeh!

  23. I wonder what gel he uses? LOL 🙂 great shot!

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