114. Sky High

Ryan jumping sky high.


~ by Tammy on April 26, 2011.

15 Responses to “114. Sky High”

  1. Getting Big isn’t he! Does he call you shorty yet or is that Corey’s job, him being so brave and all!

  2. How did you capture this? It looks like he is jumping over the water.

  3. It’s important to maintain that ‘casual’ look while performing for your Mum… great shot.

  4. Look, ma, no hands! Great action shot!

  5. I love the casual hands in pockets, great capture!.

  6. Creative shot!

  7. very, very good, he is a champion

  8. Flying? Dude, there’s nothing to it!

  9. What a fun shot! The hands in the pockets says it all!

  10. Jump for joy or to please Mom 😉
    a fun shot

  11. What a fantastic motion shot Tammy!

  12. lovely casual photo, it fits the theme perfectly.

  13. Great action shot. I’m impressed that he can jump on a trampoline with his hands in his pockets. I’d be falling all over the place.

  14. Great shot — I’m sure he loves it!!

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