109. Fragile

My fruitless pear tree is finally beginning to bud and blossom…I just pray that a big wind doesn’t come and sweep away the blossoms…this tree doesn’t blossom long enough already!  I took this image this morning w/ my lensbaby Scout and fisheye attatchment.

~ by Tammy on April 20, 2011.

22 Responses to “109. Fragile”

  1. Beautiful capture Tammy!!

  2. Wonderful effect and framing. . .just beautiful!

  3. So pretty, Tammy. So it’s fruitless on purpose?

  4. This is a stunning shot, the colors are so brilliant.

  5. Umm…I’ll take one autographed copy of that for my living room wall please 🙂 That is some kind of gorgeous!

  6. Considering the weather we have been hearing about, they must be pretty hardy smellies.

  7. Simply stunning, subject and framing included.

  8. Love the tight buds. Fingers crossed the wind doesn’t turn them into confetti!

  9. Spring presents us with the contrast of new life that is one the one hand fragil, but on the other, inevitable.

  10. This is beautiful Tammy!

  11. Lovely! I hope they last too. I love the look of this, I want the fisheye optic.

  12. beautiful! fingers crossed that they last a while

  13. Another lovely photo!!

  14. oh, Tammy…the flowers did not come to me yet..Iam waiting for …
    Great macro shot

  15. Gorgeous colors and bokeh!

  16. great picture, very well done composing with frame!

  17. Very beautiful buds. I’m totally jealous, especially since we just received approximately 20 cm of snow, grrrrr. Warm weather is supposedly on its way though – YEAH.

  18. So pretty . I like how you beveled the frane

  19. Great lensbaby shot. Very sping-like and colorful.

  20. Wonderfully photographed and framed!

  21. Beautiful image and wonderful processing/framing too.

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