108. Bed Time

This week is the boys’ school Spring Break.  Instead of having 70 degree days, we are at 42 and pouring rain.  Brrrrrrrrrr!  I can’t complain though with all of the people still expecting snow!  But I do have to say, after the warm weather this feels like we are back in winter…even Miss Chloe thinks so!  Something about Spring Break for both boys and dogs, they think it is bed time 24 hours a day (unless they want to eat or go out lol).  Doesn’t Chloe look warm and comfy in her self made bed (with my blanket, of course)!


~ by Tammy on April 19, 2011.

31 Responses to “108. Bed Time”

  1. Love it – she looks so snuggled in! And did you really think she would pick another blanket other than yours!

  2. Chloe’s expression is exactly how I feel about this cold, wet weather too. Ask her to move over to make room for me.

  3. Awwwww Tammy, so cute!!!

  4. Haha! That makes me smile. Her eyes half open. 🙂

  5. Where’s the ‘do not disturb’ sign when you need it, staying under the blanket is the sensible thing to do and Chloe knows it.

  6. Could you reduce the light on that flash please – I’m just taking a beauty nap!

  7. She looks SO comfy! Rainy, sleety, cold here, too. Chloe has the right idea!!

  8. Sooo very cute (sometimes my feminine side comes out).

  9. She sure looks like getting out of bed is the last thing on her mind. I’ve seen this expression before, but never on a dog!

  10. What an expressive shot. It’s probably best she can’t talk.

  11. hope, she will sleep well until rain stops. Have a good time!

  12. She looks like I feel right now…Too early and cold to be awake! Nice shot.

  13. Poor you having it that cold. We are finally having a warmspell with nice sunny days and temperatures around at least 24 Celsius. Very, very cute photo of your little dog.

  14. She does look comfy! also miffed someone is snapping while she is napping, lol!

  15. She does look snuggly warm! Makes me want to crawl in with her!

  16. Hi Tammy,
    She does look all warm and comfy. Have a great day!


  17. What a great expression you captured!

  18. I love blooming fruit trees. We are still having so much cold weather here. About 8 degrees below normal. The poor Tulips are not wanting to bloom. Beautiful photograph….there is hope on the horizon.

  19. What a precious shot!
    She looks so happy!

  20. What a smart girl!

  21. the weather is the same here. Last year, we were camping and kayaking by now. This year–well, I feel like Miss Chloe!

  22. cut and funny…

  23. Comfy indeed. Oh to be a dog!

  24. she looks like she just wants to get away from the cold and wet, she is sweet!

  25. She looks very well taken care of…..

  26. Now that is one pampered puppy!

  27. Such a comfy looking shot…I can just imagine her drawing up the covers with her paws!

  28. She does look comfy! Gives new meaning to “its a dog’s life”!

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