105. Thriving

All of the redbud trees are thriving this Spring….is anyone else surprised that there are yellow redbuds??


~ by Tammy on April 16, 2011.

25 Responses to “105. Thriving”

  1. better you couldn’t show springtime! It’s beautiful!

  2. Those look a lot like the one I posted yesterday with the bee. I was wondering about that when I took my photo. Hmm…maybe I should submit a different color for the redbud contest! 🙂

  3. Will have to check on the ones we have in the park, they were all red, red, red last year!

  4. Very pretty!

  5. OMG! Do you know how amazingly happy you have made me my friend?! I had NO idea redbuds were any other color! I have done some research and the photo I posted last night is a redbud also. It’s Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’. Thank you my dear, for enlightening me. 🙂

  6. Really nice capture Tammy, your work is awesome

  7. Very pretty photo! and I learned something new!

  8. I think the white bits are the buds, maybe it is a whitebud bush. Not wishing to confuse.

  9. Tammy, this is so very pretty! I never pay too much attention to what they are called, I just enjoy them.

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. They are beautiful!

  12. We have red redbuds here in New Jersey, but my Mom has purple redbuds near her home in Tennessee. I love to see them, no matter the color. Spring is here!

  13. Hi Tammy,
    Very surprised! All of our Redbud trees are a purplish pink. I’ll bet it’s pretty all in yellow. Have a great day!


  14. I am surprised to learn redbuds are yellow. I am amazed redbuds aren’t red! Love your composition!

  15. not exactly knowing what redbuds are all -i can sAy is that the photo is great! look so fresh, a real spring-photo

  16. Hmmmm, that is interesting. Do they ever turn red? No matter, because they make for a gorgeous photograph!! So nicely done Tammy!

  17. It’s lovely to see these buds, whatever their color!

  18. I think we call those yellowbells here in the south. Great photo with great DOF.

  19. Spring is wonderful!! Great photo with nice colours and DOF.

  20. What great DOF color in this.
    I miss redbuds either red or yellow (I think they turn white quickly) I remember as a kid being amazed at flowers on the trunks even.

  21. Very beautiful and delicate. Yellow redbuds, who would have thunk it?

  22. yes, mine are just popping now….purple.

  23. Maybe the person who named them was color blind? At any rate, I like the lines and the way the branches are punctuated by the flowers.

  24. […] is one of the photos that I entered…and a special thanks to my amazing friend Tammy for enlightening me about different colored redbuds.  This is the Cercis canadensis […]

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