102. The Letter “S”


~ by Tammy on April 13, 2011.

29 Responses to “102. The Letter “S””

  1. Perfect! Makes me smile!

  2. Wow – this is beautiful.

  3. Absolutely fabulous:-) how nice of the bird to give you the S 🙂

  4. so beautiful a flamingo!

  5. Wow! It says all to the theme:-)

  6. keen eye, Tammy!

  7. That’s about the best S we’re going to see, I think. Great job, Tammy.

  8. Wow girl! This is amazing!!

  9. Sensational S, nice of this flamingo to stand off to one side for you.

  10. Wonderful, but I thought they were Pink – That one has overindulged ib RED CORDIAL>

    • Actually this is not a pink flamingo…wish I would have written down the name…I will get it for you!

  11. That is so cool!!! I really like your imagination Tammy.

  12. Perfect! Beautiful! WOW!

  13. Perfect S! And a fantasdtic shot of a flamingo as well. (PS–I was pretty traumatized to find out that flmingos are actually white–they turn pink from eating pink shrimp!)

  14. Good one!!!

  15. Quite the “S” and such striking color. Quite a thought provoker on the evolutionary concept.

  16. Way to use the theme Tammy!

  17. Ha! This is great. It so looks like an “s”.

  18. What a magnificent creature.
    You have captured this so beautifully!

  19. Hi Tammy,
    A perfect “S”. And beautiful too. Have a great day!


  20. A creative and colourful S. Great eye Tammy! His eyes are very intense. I wonder if he’s thinking about his next letter.

  21. That is one fine “S” Whatever the bird is you shot it brilliantly, the eye is amazing

  22. Fabulous depiction of this theme!

  23. Gorgeous color and crop!

  24. Great shot and a perfect S! Love that you cropped it up close.

  25. You gete a star for this one. Great image!!

  26. Very well spotted, and the colours on the bird are fabulous!

  27. Great capture – a perfect S.

  28. I just want to know how you got the flamingo to pose for you? LOL:)

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