99. Bliss

Blossoming trees and bright blue skies = Bliss (in my book anyways)!



~ by Tammy on April 12, 2011.

13 Responses to “99. Bliss”

  1. Bliss in my book too my friend! This is GORGEOUS!

  2. When Spring is sprung a young Mum’s thoughts turn to “Sports Injuries” Best of Luck!!

  3. These blooms never last long enough! Gorgeous photo!

  4. Wonderful capture and framing!!!

  5. ooooh, this is really great, I do like it.

  6. Yes . . . true bliss . . . beautiful

  7. Simple pleasures for sure, add a temp in the 30’sC and I’d be really happy.

  8. That is the very definition of bliss!

  9. Love the frame

  10. Beautiful flowers and deep blue sky. I like the frame too.

  11. You can`t beat it, love the frame work!

  12. Lovely framing Tammy, very pretty.

  13. A true sign of spring… I guess that can be classed as bliss 🙂 Lovely processing enhances the already good image.

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