95. Drink

Now that warmer weather has hit our fountain is back running.  Every morning the birds stop by for a quick drink…I think they have missed their drinking fountain over the winter!

~ by Tammy on April 6, 2011.

24 Responses to “95. Drink”

  1. it’s really gorgeous!

  2. and: drink or not to drink, that’s the question …

  3. Nice capture. The bird seems to be giving you “the look” that he is not happy about the Winter water situation.

  4. I think Bob is right – bird is giving you the stink eye for taking the water away. At least now you’ll have tons of opportunities to get more photos. I love the background with the yellow and green.

  5. Fantastic color on both the bird and the rocks. The water looks very inviting.

  6. Great capture of the bold looking bird.

  7. Taht little dude looks pretty ferocious!

  8. Absolutely stunning colour in this beautiful shot!

  9. What kind of bird is he? His eyes are very intense.

    • He is a common grackle…we have them all over around here. Not a bird you want at your feeder, they are very agressive. I can’t seem to get rid of them, but they have been getting along w/ the other birds ok so far.

  10. S water fountain is a great way to attract birds to your garden!

  11. OK first of all, I am kinda in love with your fountain. I want one like it! Second…I am totally in love with this bird! He has some major attitude going on here! Looks like he’s saying “Get outta here lady! I’m trying to drink here!” LOL

  12. What a scowl you’ve captured!!

  13. The bird looks angry (Thinking about angry birds when I see it:-) Gorgeous image.

  14. This is a serene moment for this grackle usually they are in flocks! Love the entire image!

  15. Great shot Tammy!
    We just got ours going again last weekend, and it really is SO nice to see the birds again.

  16. Beautiful bird with a somewhat troubling stare. Is he mad at you, Tammy?

  17. Kind of has that look…. about time you got this thing working again. Great stuff!

  18. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome picture! I love your fountain as I’m sure the birds do too. That is a very handsome fellow getting a drink. Have a great day!


  19. Great fountain you have…I love the irridescence of the grackle’s head/neck but otherwise think they are pests when they arrive in flocks in our yard.

  20. What a beautiful bird. What is it called?

  21. You certainly have some colourful birds in your garden, how lovely to watch them through the year.

  22. As Bob said in an earlier comment, this bird does look like he is not best pleased with what the water situation was in the winter. I think he should be happy now that it is back and running 🙂 great capture.

  23. Wonderful image, love the colours and the pose of the bird especially.

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