Creative Exchange: Signs of Life

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~ by Tammy on April 5, 2011.

14 Responses to “Creative Exchange: Signs of Life”

  1. I just love this Tammy. Truly just what spring is all about, and I thank you so much for sharing it today at The Creative Exchange. Especially special for me today, because right now it is snowing here 😦

    I wish you a beautiful day!


  2. Lovely photo1 I’m happy to see such seasonal evidence around here, too.

  3. The adress is:

  4. Love the focus on the shoot. This is a very hopeful image.

  5. A Rose by any other name still grows best in manure! LOL

  6. Such a welcome sight!

  7. Refreshing and dreamy. I like the odd number of twigs.

  8. life is indestructible, so tiny and so mighty at the same time!

  9. Hi Tammy,
    It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it! We have all kinds of signs of spring popping up around here. Have a great day!


  10. Gorgeous shot & perfect for this theme… won’t be long now! 🙂

  11. That is one fine image, Tammy. Beautiful bokeh and color.

  12. Isn`t spring time great, nicely captured

  13. Fantastic!!! I love spring!

  14. Love the colors here and the shallow DOF.

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