92. Circular


~ by Tammy on April 3, 2011.

22 Responses to “92. Circular”

  1. Very interesting perspective of a bicycle wheel. That’s what it is, isn’t it?

  2. I love this shot Tammy. Not only circles, but triangles and a hexagon as well. Great tones, and I can feel the grease. (Maybe that’s my monitor.)

  3. It’s a bloody Hexagon, show the tyre at least that is round LOL

  4. Very creative shot!

  5. Plenty of circles to take your pick from, I think Ron has tunnel vision….

  6. Isn’t a circle just a rounded off hexagon?

  7. Awesome detail!!!

  8. Nice detail and shapes, and just enough grease to know you didn’t create this just for an image!

  9. Terrific macro, and lots of great texture.

  10. fine details, great macro shot. Well done.

  11. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this, was what an amazing jigsaw puzzle this would make. Can you imagine getting all those spokes together?!?!
    This is a great shot!

  12. Wonderful shot & perfect for circular!

  13. I’m so so ready to get my bike out and about!

  14. This is so dynamic, I love the shapes.

  15. The patterns and textures are intriguing and keep the eye interested.

  16. So many different types of circles. Amazing composition and detail!

  17. I’m sure you are not surprised that someone named Dutchbaby loves this bicycle picture.

  18. I think some grease dripped on my keyboard, hang on I might have spoken too soon, got some on the end of my nose too!

  19. Wonderful set of details in this photo…love all the layers of varying focus too.Brings back memories of my old yellow 10 speed.

  20. Love the almost puzzle look of this created by the spokes. Loads of circles in this image and loads of detail… well taken and processed

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