89. Flight

I wasn’t gong to post this picture, not the best I ever took, but hey, it is a bald eagle in flight.  A few weeks ago over 100 bald eagles landed in Pacific Junction, Iowa (about 20 minutes from my home).  They landed in a conservation area right along Interstate 29.  I guess the first day they landed people were just pulling up along the side of the interstate.  By time I heard about them, they had police stationed in those spots so people wouldn’t stop!   Scott and I ended up driving out there and getting off on one of the exits…I couldn’t get close enough to get any type of shot.  Just about the time I gave up a bald eagle flew right in front of the car…I hurried and got the camera and shot it through the windshield…not the best, but I got it…you can see a video on the eagles here:  Bald Eagles in Pacific Junction.  By the way, the bald eagles are still here and are nesting…I need to try to get back out there (maybe the police have left.  lol


~ by Tammy on March 31, 2011.

21 Responses to “89. Flight”

  1. Cool – and the video was great. I can’t believe how many there are. I hope you try to sneak back. Maybe instead of fighting it, the cops should designate an area where people can pull over safely and take pics.

  2. how beautiful, having an eagle so close by hand, I like the picture.

  3. How exciting to have so many bald eagles going into one area! Even if some move on some have begun to nest. Surly you will go back and share more.

  4. You may not consider it such a great shot, but it will certainly bring back memories of your day viewing the birds. And it really does have nice composition for being a shot on the fly.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    It’s a wonderful picture and you have the memory of seeing them when you look at this picture. Have a great day!


  6. Well, you got closer than I ever have! I’d love to have a chance to see these birds in the wild.

  7. I think it’s an awesome photo! How lucky you were there to catch it!

  8. Lucky you who captured this eagle. Nice captured.

  9. nice picture with the eagle just flying.

  10. It’s a great snap, cause you got it when you had the entire Nebraska police force trying to stop you!

  11. That’s such an amazing story, how lucky to live nearby and get close enough to see such a rare sight, and get a photo!

  12. Grab shots are good, especially when they capture a moment we want to remember. It’s real life, not gallery material, that we want to recall down the road. And you never waved at my train. 🙂

  13. How lucky you were to see and capture this Tammy! I’ve never been fortunate enough to do that. It is a wonderful photograph!!

  14. Just awesome!

  15. Lucky you! Be sure to try again when the little ones are out of the nest.

  16. Captured in mid-air!!!!

  17. Magnificent capture. . .to see the eagle fly so close must have been an awesome sight.

  18. Eagle stalking! Jon would be proud… Nice catch through the window! Glad you didn’t bang your lens into oblivion! 😛

  19. What a sight!!! Thanks so much for the great picture and story.

  20. How fun! I tell you those Bald Eagles are daring, twice we’ve had one try to take out our windshield by swooping in front of us.

  21. How exciting! It is so encouraging that eagles are making a strong come back in so many places. Hope you can get back when the furor dies down.

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