88. Six

Six flying geese…


~ by Tammy on March 30, 2011.

26 Responses to “88. Six”

  1. Fabulous capture my friend! Love that sky too! 🙂

  2. a great, extraordinary shot! Marvellous!

  3. Great action shot. It is amazing to watch geese fly. I’m in awe at their ability to organize and share the lead.

  4. If those two on the right collide there might be a Four shot here! Great image, Tammy.

    BTW, today’s featured city to explore on TripAdvisor.com is Omaha. Many of the recommended spots are places you so graciously took us to in your blog here.

  5. They can look kind of awkward when they fly but their migration formations are a thing of wonder…..

  6. what a great shot.

  7. very nice. I love the diagonal line they were gracious enough to create for you

  8. Looks like there’s a dispute going on as to who’s going to take over the lead!

  9. Are they heading North for the Summer?

  10. Great capture of the flying geese.

  11. What a perfect moment Tammy!
    Beautiful capture.

  12. Great to catch all these…some of their feet look like they are trying to stand up in mid-air!

  13. I wonder if they are racing to get back up here, or if they got tired of waiting for spring and are fleeing back south. :0)

  14. I almost that I had you as the first time I counted, I only saw five! Nice sharp shot.

  15. Wow! Great detail/action capture.

  16. forgot to say: So beautiful the details! It’s marvellous!

  17. Six in the air preparing for landing. Great capture. Spring is in the air.

  18. Great photo! I think these might be some of the groups that have now reached our area in the last days…the sky is full of so many formations but they were flying sooo high when they passed over…definitely not planning to set down near us.

  19. I just like picture of birds flying, te sense of freedom. WOW.

  20. I just like picture of birds flying, the sense of freedom. WOW.

  21. Great capture, and how considerate of them to come in a formation of six, just for your theme 🙂

  22. They are one of nature’s oldest miracles.


  24. great capture!

  25. Incoming… looks like the landing gear is down. Great shot!!

  26. Great shot!

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