82. Unfinished

Only in the Midwest can we have a temp of 78 degrees and tornadoes on one day and 28 degrees and 3-4″ of snow the next day!  Ugh!  Mother Nature had to prove she was unfinished w/ winter!   Oh by the way,  Happy First Week of SPRING!


~ by Tammy on March 25, 2011.

25 Responses to “82. Unfinished”

  1. I rather like winter actually. But, I really don’t like it to leave and then come back like that. Your shots are pretty though! 😉

  2. Wow, what extreme weather. Nice capture!!

  3. If you don’t like it in Nebraska, why don’t you move to Paradise or are you scared of Floods, Droughts and Cyclones too! I Love the idiots that think that they can alter Mother Nature, Just ain’t Gonna Happen!

  4. The birds and animals must be confused too!, but I do like the look of those bare tree branches hanging on to the snow.

  5. oh, no! I hope it’s not heading this way. Pretty shots, but I hope you don’t have such crazy swings in temp for much longer

  6. That photo of the bird says it all! Do you read the comics? If not, Google Non Sequitur and read this past week’s strips, where young Danae just can’t reconcile the calendar and the weather.

  7. Well I am in love with the bird photo. Serious love. It is so very cool! But I think that snow is going to come here over the weekend. That part, I don’t like. Hope it melts for you quick!

  8. I love the bird image . . . he looks perplexed.

  9. all that’s unfinished will come to an ende, one day or another. For the rest I am with Isvejda


  10. Saw these on FB…that bottom one is SO lovely.

  11. We’re in the same boat up here Tammy, except for the 78 degree part. Happy Spring is right.

    Love the bird image, you’ve got some nice soft lines going with the background tones.

  12. Big fat bummer! It is pretty though.

  13. Looks like it is not in love with mother nature either, great image!

  14. I think we have the same kind of uncertain weather here in Sweden. Typical of early spring.
    Great capture!

  15. Lovely shots, but sorry to hear about the winter coming back. I’d seen the weather forecasts for the US on the aljazeera news channel and couldn’t believe it was another blast of winter on the way. Our sunshine was short-lived, it has been cold today. We must have had the sunshine and warmth from N Africa as the cars have that sandy dust on them. Hope it warms up for you and your tulips soon 🙂

  16. Happened here this week also, but we did not get the 78 degrees part 😦
    What a sweet little guy!
    Beautiful capture!

  17. GREAT take on the theme!! Gotta love this weather region, don’t you?!

  18. Wow, talk about weather change. Like Julie, I don’t mind winter but when it’s gone I like it to stay away until the next winter.

  19. Hmm, we got a fairly thick dusting of snow last night, did you send it 🙂
    Anyway, the forecast is for +14 this week so I am hopeful for real spring. Lovely photo of the little tough sparrow.

  20. Iam happy thinking ONLY about the spring. In fact, in Sweden, we are into the snow….oh, yes…Or maybe….cause I live in a forest.-…
    When the season changes, I begin to be sick….u are like the same….aren´t u?
    great shot, the second one.congrats

  21. That bird seems to be miffed at the weather too and he likely can’t read the “Don’t like the weather, wait a minute” signs.

  22. We got into the 40’s only and then winter again too. Super photos.

  23. Lovely shots… the bird looks really fed up of winter 🙂

  24. Nice composition and I really like the almost monochromatic tone of this shot.

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