79. Hiding

We have been to Scram State Park millions of times and I have never noticed this old abandoned house in hiding.  With all of the leaves gone, it was still hard to see.  I really wanted to go check it out, but there was keep out signs all over the place (not that it would have stopped me, but the park rangers were out too) lol


~ by Tammy on March 21, 2011.

21 Responses to “79. Hiding”

  1. Even though it was deep in hiding you still got a great image. I love the textures you captured in the grass, trees and house!

  2. a beautiful house like of a fairy tale! Great capture.

  3. It’s called Scram and you were trying to break in? 🙂

  4. The house in hiding makes a wonderful photo.

  5. Umm…did you shoot that with the 60D? And if so, which lens? Because that’s an amazing photo for being “in hiding!!”

  6. Camouflage housing!

  7. This is just beautiful Tammy!

  8. This perspective does make me want to go inside….you need Gisele.

  9. They left without taking their air conditioner? I think you need to go back and see what else was left behind! Do it for the challenge. We’ll chip in on the bail!

  10. Looks like a great place to hide in, is it still occupied?

  11. I really love this picture in HDR. Looks like a cool place to explore.

  12. Something to move in. I wonder if it haunted. color scheme makes the house blend into its environment.

  13. So do the keep out signs say… “SCRAM!!” 😀 Cool old house. Makes you wonder at the story…

  14. Putting the trees in the foreground was smart! These old houses are so interesting.

  15. An intriguing shot, the ac unit is a bit jarring some how. You’ll just have to go back! I’m guessing this was the Scram family home?

  16. oh…reminds me Uruguay and the old house I found there…

    I am witha big problem in my blog..soemtimes, the space of comments is blocked…

  17. The house is well camouflaged. I wonder why it’s abandoned?

  18. I like the chimney at the rear, the you see progress and the A/C unit on the front.
    Shows that the house was occupied for a good while.

  19. Love your processing!

  20. Wonderful photo of a once beautiful house!

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