78. Renewal

Today Scott & I went for a walk at one of our State Parks and saw the first signs of Spring….it was 74 degrees and sunny….unseasonably warm!



~ by Tammy on March 20, 2011.

11 Responses to “78. Renewal”

  1. after all of the snow most of us had, it’s nice to see things growing again.

  2. always a good sign….I just put down fertilizer and it’s supposed to snow over the next few days. Did manage to play golf today though.

  3. Great job Tammy, with freezing temps, it’s a wonder how these little plants survive each year.

  4. It was like 70 here today, but the morning was rainy! I think it’s so amazing to see signs of things popping up after the dreary winter. Great photo!

  5. 74 degrees? Your vegetation must be in shock! Nice contrast between the green and the straw.

  6. No wonder that green is the color that symbolizes hope.

  7. Green?! You found green?!! Wow!

  8. There’s hope!!

  9. spring hopes eternal! nice find.

  10. Very nice contrast of the green sprout against the brown leaves and grass. The first signs of spring always bring a feeling of anticipation of what will come.

  11. beautiful shot of renewal and regeneration … things are changing

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