77. Endearing

What’s more endearing than a mama and her baby?


~ by Tammy on March 19, 2011.

26 Responses to “77. Endearing”

  1. OMG – I love them, so cute! Look at the fingers!

  2. Fabulous capture of momma and baby.

  3. This precious! Great shot!

  4. Mama looks tired/grumpy/irritated. I can relate. Otherwise, so cute!

  5. The baby’s look is one of wide-eyed wonder, but I think Mum has seen it all before judging by those pursed lips!

  6. Wonderful dof photo

  7. LOL! Mama looks mad and baby looks scared! Great photo!

  8. So sweet! You’re right–noting could be more endearing.

  9. Baby is almost as big as Mom… endearing indeed.

  10. That looks like a statue! You really nailed this!

  11. Ohhhhh! so nice! But Mama doesn’t look very pleased!

  12. Nice portrait of these two!

  13. That is one great capture Tammy!

  14. That mama looks a bit cross, wonder what the baby has done…lovely shot.

  15. again so neat is this at a local zoo? I am going to a zoo near here someday…

  16. You chose the right theme for this one. I want to scoop them both up and cuddle too.

  17. what a great haircut 😉

  18. What a great shot Tammy…you should post on NatGeo website.

  19. They are adorable! The baby reminds me of my Aunt Margie, lol.

  20. enviable, it’s a great shot! Congratulations!

  21. A very emotional picture. Great work.

  22. National Geographic needs you! Did you get a close-up of the baby? Love the macro shot of the giraffe too.

  23. Adorable! Great capture.

  24. Maybe I’ll just write to that zoo and tell them they need to hire you! This is outstanding!

  25. Such a cute pair. Very interesting hair style too. Great capture.

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