74. Passion


~ by Tammy on March 16, 2011.

35 Responses to “74. Passion”

  1. AWWW!!! How freaking adorable are they!?! What a fantastic capture my friend!

  2. Puss puss in Swed:-)

  3. excellently done, how beautiful a scene!

  4. I love this one! They look in love!

  5. Squeeee! I am dying from cute here! Such a fabulous shot

  6. So cool. Great catch! Can I use it for my desktop wallpaper?

  7. Oh my gosh…these are SO CUTE!!!!

  8. Wow, too cute for words. Amazing catch. Hope they didn’t mind you capturing their intimate moment.

  9. Oh Tammy – this is AWESOME!!!!!

  10. OMG–I just can’t believe you got that shot. Truly–National Geographic is missing out not having you on its staff. That is one awesome, mind-blowing, should-be-award-winning (if the judges have any sense at all) photo.

  11. What a great shot. Timing is perfect. Now may I ask, the 64,000 dollar question. Who is the male and which one is the female?

  12. I love this, Tammy!!!!

  13. Good catch Tammy.

  14. Must be something in the air at that zoo you visit!

  15. Great capture. I love giraffes. Kissing ones are even better!

  16. That is downright awesome! LOVE IT!

  17. It looks almost like a mirror image. Well done, Tammy!

  18. Hi Tammy,
    This is so perfect for the theme. And totally cute! It needs to be framed. Have a great day!


  19. Once in a lifetime shot!!! Love the stark black background.

  20. An award-winning shot, Tammy. Fabulous, and great processing.

  21. Awesome!

  22. Well done tammy, did you put in that background?

  23. Adorable! Giraffe necking…

  24. Yow! Again Tammy you really must share/sell your amazing zoo photos with whatever organization deals with fund raising.

  25. that is so neat how you got these guys in this capture like this very nice.

  26. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? You nailed this one!

  27. You are such a romantic!! Great stuff!!

  28. What a perfect moment Tammy, and you have captured it so beautifully!

  29. Awesome

  30. This is a great image – they seem like the least likely couple to be passionate!

  31. Hope they don’t get those long necks tangled necking! Such beautiful eyes they have!

  32. How very cute and what a splendid capture.

  33. You must have a lot of patience to catch some of these shots! This is a great capture!

  34. Simple, yet brilliant. Well caught

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