71. Pipes

My parent’s wind chime…


~ by Tammy on March 13, 2011.

21 Responses to “71. Pipes”

  1. Now there is is an interesting looking chime, cool!

  2. very nice focus and I like the pattern – sort of Harlequin-like

  3. I like the happy looking twists in this image.

  4. Great geometry in this photo, Tammy. I wonder what this one sounds like?

  5. Cool shot Tammy. I like the patterns and the fact that we can see the sky inbetween. Nicely done.

  6. Oooo! Brilliantly Artistic!

  7. Great job Tammy

  8. Lovely blues and browns in those repeating patterns, I like the close-in shot.

  9. I bet they sound wonderful!

  10. Nice shot, we took our chimes in for the winter. Looks like they sound nice.

  11. Those look retro, what with the colors and the edge rust. But I guess since I have the photo of your mother and her sister these look pretty good for being 150 years old!

  12. Oh, I love windchimes, especially those who look a little bit different like this one.

  13. must be a beautiful sound, what if you could post a little audio-file …


  14. I love the lines in this, especially against that wonderful background!

  15. Great photo! Nice coloured chimes!

  16. Such an unusual harlequin effect: the subdued colors and subtle textures make for a softer rendition of the pattern than one generally expects.

  17. Beautifully unique! Love your crop.

  18. Love, love, love the squirrel. I want to draw her!

  19. such a goodlooking and different chime (from what I’ve seen anyway…)

  20. Very cool image.

  21. Very well spotted, and really well taken makes this a very interesting photo. Love it !

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