70. Chimneys

This is the power plant which is across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, IA (about 15 minutes from where I live).   You can see this smoke from miles away.  I really liked the contrast of the farm fields against the industrial buildings and smoke.



~ by Tammy on March 12, 2011.

22 Responses to “70. Chimneys”

  1. The blue of the sky, white of the smoke and the brown of the fields in the foreground make a very interesting contrast in this fine photo.

  2. these are really chimneys, blowing their steam into the blue! Great find!

  3. The smoke from the stacks seems to hang better in cold weather. Great contrast with the fields and power plant!

  4. Nice contrast for sure. From far away the trees look like they were frosted. Am I imagining things?

  5. Really nice Tammy!!!

  6. That is a great contrast. The steam looks really distinct and clear………

  7. Tammy, we lived on the Missouri River (in Missouri) for awhile. Corn and soy beans everywhere, except for the trees – lots and lots of trees. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I like this, especially the horizontal line of reddish grass

  9. Sure fits the bill. Looks like a cold, crisp day! Wonderful clarity.

  10. Does that smoke go on all day or are they restricted to certain times? The clear blue sky really offsets the billowing smoke.

  11. We saw something similar today when we went to Indiana. Very cool shot!

  12. That was something that struck us every time we drove out west. Here in New England, population is densae and we don’t have wide expanses of land–so we expect farms to be farms…yet there would be these huge power plants looming up in a place we’d hae thought would have been totally rural.

  13. That is a striking contrast. It will probably be more so when the fields are green with….corn?

  14. Nice soft colours in the photo. Even the smoke from the chimneys is beautiful 😉

  15. Hey Tammy – Just getting caught up! the last few weeks have been terribly busy and I’ve fallen behind on reading and commenting – for your blog that means lots and lots of photos!! I admire your drive to get photos up everyday – and I do like the white steam clouds against blue skies!

  16. Great capture of the smoke!

  17. You can see for miles! Looks like you had a nice day with a gentle breeze. 🙂

  18. Great contrast and image. Looks really good with the crisp, cool, clear sky.

  19. Superb contrast which makes the smoke really stand out. Great capture.

  20. Hopefully most of the emissions are steamy water vapor and not smoke…imagine they must have some sort of emissions scrubber/cleaner. Always interesting type shot to look at.

  21. Love the contrast of industrial V’s nature. The clouds coming from the “cloud factory” are well done too!

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