67. Three

Three Grave Markers…

~ by Tammy on March 9, 2011.

15 Responses to “67. Three”

  1. a well done picture, very appropriate for the theme!

  2. sobering look into our futures

  3. Those are interesting markers. The trees in the background are great.

  4. interesting markers – I wonder how old they are. I love cemetery pictures

  5. Three poignant reminders of three lives.

  6. I love the shape of these tombstones. Great capture.

  7. I’ve seen these! Well, something close. I have enjoyed my participation in findagrave.com and have seen so many cool grave markers. Thanks for including this photo!

  8. Simple and practical, have you taken them side-on?

  9. Solemn and still.

  10. Whenever I see markers, I wish for more of the backstory….

  11. I like the contrast of this shot to the one of the statue. This is all sharp angles and severe whereas the previous one is soft and gentle. It is interesting how grave markers go through stylistic periods…

  12. Great for the theme.

  13. Very nice composition, it’s a shame that the names and dates get worn away with time, but such is life and death.

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