66. Statue

Yesterday we went up to the cemetery to decorate Bubba’s (my grandma & the boy’s great grandma) grave w/ her leprechauns.  Her favorite holiday was St Paddy’s Day, how she loved her corn beef and cabbage and green beer!  It is hard to believe she will have been gone for two years next month!

Well, anyways, while there I managed to get a few shots.  I was really drawn to this statue with her Christmas arrangement almost still intact.


~ by Tammy on March 8, 2011.

23 Responses to “66. Statue”

  1. So nice that you and the boys go up and bring her the things she loved the most! Great shot.

  2. She’s lovely. And I like how you did everything B&W except for the arrangement…yet another thing I want to learn how to do! I’m sorry for your Grandma’s passing. My Daddy will have been gone 2 years next month also. I still miss him like it was yesterday.

  3. Your Bubba would be very proud of your artistic eye. This is a marvelous touching photo and the selective coloring speaks volumes.

  4. the colors are very well appropriate for the theme, I do like the picture and its texture.

  5. … ditto on what Isvejda said!

  6. The selective coloring works very well for this. I hope I get to see some decorated graves for St. Patrick’s Day at my local cemetery. A nice way to remember your Bubba.

  7. It’s beautiful Tammy, and I am sure she knew you were there, and was pleased.

  8. I like how you’ve brought out the texture in the statue, and the selective colouring works well too.

  9. Just love the BW with the selected color added. Nice

  10. Very poignant, Tammy, and very wonderfully captured.

  11. The image speaks for itself. Great use of your selective coloring. It is weird in a sense but I find grave yards so peaseful and serene.

  12. It really has been two years! Time just seems to speed by. No green beer here, but will have lots of corned beef and cabbage. Nice shot with just the color in the arrangement.

  13. Hi Tammy,
    She’s beautiful! I love looking at statues in the cemetery. There is a really beautiful one near my Granny’s grave. I finally took the my camera last year and got some pictures of it. Have a great day


  14. The selective color is fabulous in this image. I love the textures here.

  15. Beautiful shots. I love going to the cemetery. It’s so quiet and calm. It’s a great place for reflection as well as taking pictures. I’ve taken a few cemetery shots and use the pictures for sympathy cards.

  16. The selective coloring is masterful! So much punch in such a small area!

  17. I also see so much beauty I want to capture at a cemetary! Great shot.

  18. Beautiful composition!Like the selective coloring.

  19. It sure doesn’t seem like two years ago Tammy. I bet you all still miss her so much.

    This is a wonderful shot. The black and white is done really well – nicely contrasted – and the composition is perfect.

  20. Beautifully done image. Odd how the time compresses and widens with a beloved one’s death.

  21. Very beautiful and tranquil image.

  22. The pop of color is perfect for this image.

  23. Nicely done. Perfect tone for the feeling you are conveying. The information you provided really helps to put things in perspective.

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