65. Macro Monday: Faces

To see more Macro Monday pictures, head on over to Lisa’s Chaos.

~ by Tammy on March 7, 2011.

27 Responses to “65. Macro Monday: Faces”

  1. What a cutie!

  2. The Face is good balanced in the picture. You have taken on the essential. Well captured.

  3. “Wha-chu lookin’ at?” Cute. Hope his makeup doesn’t smear or smudge.

  4. Ha ha! This is great!

  5. A face only a mother could love…LOL Great shot!

  6. The perfect face for the theme… especially the way the white fur naturally outlines the face. I’m so glad that I finally have time to look at your photos again. It is always a pleasure to see what part of the wild animal kingdom you’ll share with us next.

  7. Such a sweet face, together with those big brown eyes and whiskers, too cute.

  8. Finaly Tammy has posted a self-portrait, which appears to have been professionally produced, it is SO GOOD!

  9. And what a lovely little face it is!

  10. He is so cute! I want to grab him and squish him! 🙂

  11. Soulful!

  12. Nice shot of a gibbon! Love how he looks right through you!

  13. Wonderful. I like how the face is “full frame without any external distractions.

  14. wonderful portrait!!

  15. squeeeee! I want to smoosh him! Look at the little teeth

  16. what a beautiful portrait!

  17. Hi Tammy,
    He’s a very handsome guy. Love the look on his face. Have a great day!


  18. Tammy, you have outdone yourself! This is a marvelous capture. He is so cute.

  19. What an ADORABLE face! Your framing is incredible, it is as if she/he is looking into the window of my soul!

  20. Great shot and I like the way you got up tight and close.

  21. I am fascinated by grave markers. I pass a cemetery on an Indian Reservation when I go to Laconner….I always want to stop and take pictures. I love the black and white…old, just the feel of these pictures.

  22. Fabulous detail. He is a cutie.

  23. What a cutie. I love his eyes.

  24. What a fuzzy wuzzy face! A sweet animal portrait! Well done!

  25. Another fine portrait, this one is so intent and curious.

  26. What a great shot! I really like the tight close-up.

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