62. Spring

Yesterday it was 55 degrees out and I think Spring was definitely in the air.


~ by Tammy on March 4, 2011.

27 Responses to “62. Spring”

  1. What a catch! Beautiful.

  2. LOL! They sure do seem frisky! 🙂

  3. Ha-ha! Sure is spring! Great capture!

  4. ha! Birdie style! My eyes! My eyes!

  5. The birds and the bees and the sycamore trees 🙂

  6. Looks like love is in the air, too!

  7. Yep, I would say spring is in the air.

  8. Awesome shot! They don’t even look like they are blushing. 😀

    Left you a PM at the Village – hope to see you Saturday!

  9. How come you show more sex than anyone elses blogs do????????

  10. Oooh la la! The least you could do is to put a black bar across their eyes to preserve their anonymity. 🙂

  11. Is that top bird hurting the bottom bird? Hope they settled their differences.

  12. What’s Ron on about? Aren’t they playing leap frog?….and well done to catch them mid-leap!

  13. youz have done a great shot, it’s springtime everywhere!

  14. This should fall under “X” rated. Where are the sensors when you need them??

  15. The things we learn everyday! Nice shot!

  16. fun, both the photo and your text to it
    and yes it seems spring is in your air anyway 🙂

  17. Wait! Isn’t thisa G-rated blog?

  18. Great catch! Yep, Spring does seem to be in the air. Maybe this pic needs a PG rating. 😉

  19. LOL – spring -definitely! 🙂 Cute shot. 🙂

  20. Either that or he’s trying a new wrestling move.

  21. LOL, rotf, it sure looks like spring is in the air!!! Too cute.

  22. Sure looks that way!! 🙂
    Too sweet!

  23. Wonderful picture!

  24. This must be the X theme…I was wondering what I’d do for it…Hmmmm….

  25. Ha ha, I can only agree with KarenAnn’s comment. Very funny and well captured.

  26. Wonderful capture! Could use this in the bird and bees explanations…

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