Macro Monday: A Breath of Sunshine

Yesterday it was snowy and rainy and gray.  So I left the blahs behind and went to the bright and cheery Laritzen Gardens.  By time I left,  my spirit was warmed and renewed and I left in a much better mood!  🙂

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~ by Tammy on February 28, 2011.

19 Responses to “Macro Monday: A Breath of Sunshine”

  1. Love that great splash of color in the center.

  2. What a shame that white smaelly thing got discoloured.

  3. A fancy daffodil? Sure is a beauty. Glad you had a nice day!!

  4. Do you know what type of flower that is? It has great colors! I have the tiniest bit of snow left from a huge pile in my yard, but other than that, it’s GONE! Hopefully for the rest of the year

  5. Very nice! Love it — white but not snow.

  6. Wow. That is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

  8. This is gorgeous! Love the straight on shot of it.

  9. Freezing rain, cold raw mist, grey skies, grey rain, grey puddles grey clouds…THANK YOU!!! for that bit of concentreated sunlight!

  10. … and thanks to your visit in the Gardens and to the splendid picture you brightend the mood of your visitors

  11. A beautiful hint of springtime . . . I love it.

  12. Flowers are a great cure for the blahs, Thank you for sharing.

  13. Glad you chases the blahs away. I can feel the softness of the petals on this flower. Is it a Jonquil? Truly beautiful capture of the yellow and oranges!

  14. A beautiful way to start the week. I love the touch of colour in the middle.

  15. Thanks for a great photo that reminds me that spring WILL be coming soon to a garden near me!

  16. That would put me in a better mood as well! Beautiful~!

  17. It really is uplifting to see such beautiful blooms when outside is so grey and cold! this is a wonderful shot!

  18. Lovely textures.

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