57. Playful

I think the bobcat really looks like a house cat especially when he is batting his paws around and pouncing!


~ by Tammy on February 27, 2011.

18 Responses to “57. Playful”

  1. Great shot!

  2. It’s just a big kitty with a big scratching post!

  3. I am glad they are not pets, just think what he could do to a couch. Great shot Tammy

  4. Love it. If only you could hold them on your lap!

  5. Another great shot. He’s adorable but I don’t think I want him in my house. The couch would never be the same and just imagine the size of the kitty litter box you’d need.

  6. very cool cat.

  7. Those are some powerful looking paws . . . shredded couch for sure!

  8. Fabulous capture! He does look pretty playful.

  9. He’s a beauty, Tammy!

  10. The wild cats and domestics share a lot of similar traits, which is really interesting to watch. Though I’m sure the bobcat wouldn’t roll over on his back and ask for the human to rub his stomach. Nice shot, Tammy!

  11. This must be a happy bob, it is active and interesting. Great shot! Not sure if this is a cat I would want in the house lol!

  12. Back to the Zoo Lady, Don’t try photographing one of these in the wild until you learn to read body language. Look at the tension in her shoulder, that is sharpening her claws so that they sink in deeper to whatever they are killing! Don’t let it be you! Learn!

  13. My new favorite show is Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet. People who have exotic pets and get killed or maimed by them! I love your zoo pics. Do you love your new camera? You will. I have the 50D.

  14. Hi Tammy, I like your zoo shots and all the others. I am trying to catch up with all you 2011 bloggers.

  15. I think you are well over the learning curve on your new camera already. Well done!!

  16. dpes look like a household kitty sharpening his claws.

  17. what for the bobcat may be playful for others could be kind of dangerous.

  18. I like this photo best! So much personality here. Nice job.

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