54. Relaxation

After a morning of zooming around the house wrestling each other, Bogy and Chloe finally settled down and relaxed on their favorite couch and watched me make my morning blog comments.


~ by Tammy on February 24, 2011.

26 Responses to “54. Relaxation”

  1. very cute, are these Suzituzes?( sorry do not know the spelling).

    Love their names.

  2. *lol* Lovely style!

  3. Oh, this is too precious Tammy!
    What a sweet little pair, and such a fantastic shot!

  4. Adorable! That is total relaxation.

  5. Pretty dogs!

  6. they are so cute! I hope we see more of them. I love how Cloe uses Bogy as a prop for her pose

  7. Nice portrait! At first I thought it was white on white but then i saw the background was more grey. Nice touch. Plus, they are so cute and intent on what you are doing.

  8. lol. How cute are they!

  9. They seem experts.

  10. That is too freaking adorable!!!

  11. That’s a really fun shot, Tammy. I like how you cropped it to minimize distracting things that aren’t cute, white, and furry.

  12. I think this is one of the best shots of the year! Yes, I think so I’m just curious about the crop?

    • Honestly, this was a snapshot and I had my gym shoes and boxing gloves on the couch, along w/ the boys homework, along w/….you get the idea…I was cropping out my clutter lol

  13. So, did you use amitriptyline or phenobarbital to pose these fine looking dogs? Great capture!

  14. Wonderful Tammy. You should teach them to type so they could help you with your comments. No sense in them just sitting there watching you work!

  15. They do look tuckered out and very content. Reminds me of my two pesky Great Danes, Dexter and Sadie. They do the same thing after wrestling but they take up a little more room.

  16. Are we taling papmered or what??? I could live a “dog’s life” like that!

  17. They are so sweet!!!:)

  18. They are just glad they don’t have dig out of any more of that snow you have had. They say dogs who lay on their backs are very happy and secure. Cuties.

  19. The setting and your processing give a vintage starlet poster quality to the shot. Love it!

  20. Looks like they have that one down!

  21. so cute! As if they were thinking: “To whom on earth is she writing all the time?”

  22. What sweet and happy poses and what a fine crop. I’d like to see your boxing gloves though, are they how you keep those twins in line? 😉

  23. Chloe is literaly putting her feet up! This is such a wonderful shot…you couldn’t have posed them any better if you had tried. The expressions are priceless!

  24. This is brilliant, I hope they got you to bring them some nice snacks and a drink and put a good dvd on for them to watch 🙂

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