53. Tasty

Many people find pheasant tasty….but don’t get no ideas….it’s not hunting season yet.   This Mearn’s Pheasant lives in the desert dome at the zoo….I am in love with his fancy feathers!


~ by Tammy on February 23, 2011.

18 Responses to “53. Tasty”

  1. it’s a very beautiful bird, I do like the Pheasant with the fine colors, too.

  2. he’s gorgeous. I love his feathers too, especially the spotted ones. I am not going to eat him.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    He’s beautiful! Love all those colors and textures in his feathers. I love your Mood shot, he doesn’t look happy at all. Have a great day!


  4. A very proud looking bird. Love how you got his colors to pop.

  5. Absolutely fabulous! Love the pattern on his wings and body and the colours. Lovely photo!

  6. It´s a really beutiful bird, and at least I prefer to see it like this instead of on a dinner plate 😉

  7. Oh I thought the dish was Peasant under glass, a throw nack to feudal Europe adopted there in the nNew World, Accompanied by the Russian favourite Serf n; Turf. Leave the little boid alone willya?

  8. He does have fancy feathers and probably likes living at the zoo.

    Caged birds are still tricky to photograph…thumbsup on this shot.

    • Actually he is not caged, he is free to fly and roam around the whole building…that is what is so cool about the desert and the jungle buildings, although you don’t always know what the birds are.

  9. He is fancy! I like his feathers but don’t want to try pheasant. I’ll stick with chicken. 🙂

  10. Great capture Tammy!!

  11. Nice detail. I find it interesting that the wing feathers (?) are honeycombed shape. I take it that has something to do with aerodynamics?

  12. Such an interesting little creature. I see why you are smitten by it.

  13. He does have pretty feathers!!!

  14. Beautiful colors – interesting bird!!

  15. Thanks for this shot. I’ve never seen a pheasant close up. I didn’t realize the variety they have in their feathers.

  16. I’ve never seen this type of pheasant. So beautiful! I can see why they hide so well!

  17. Gorgeous plummage! Our wild ringneck pheasants have been suffering with this horrible winter–food is hard to come by with the deep snow, so they congregate along the roadsides and end up getting hit by vehicles.

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