51. Water

Many of you have seen this duck featured in many different posts!  He lives in the jungle and has free reign….sometimes he is sitting w/ the people looking at the animals, sometimes he is playing w/ his reflection in the glass, and today he was standing at the top of the waterfall screaming down at everyone as if he were the king of the jungle.  I didn’t know he could be so loud!  This is one shot I wish I had my tri pod for, but not too bad for a handheld shot.


~ by Tammy on February 21, 2011.

15 Responses to “51. Water”

  1. “Hey you kids, get out of my yard!”. That’s what I imagine him screaming. He’s definitely trying to tell you all something. I like his coloring. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a duck like that.

  2. I like how you captured the water movement AND this little guy giving his lecture!

  3. What a character! Sounds like the stuff of a Disney flick….

  4. it’s really great, exceptional capture!

  5. The water is so silky looking and the duck on the edge has a great expression. Great capture.

  6. Is this duck for real? Where is this waterfall?

  7. He was likely screaming “Keep Back or I’ll Jump” “No body move or the Duck gets it!” Was the Zoo featuring Blazing Salads that week?

  8. Nice handheld shot – the water has a little silky feel to it. Quack!!

  9. Cool shot. Definitely a duck with attitude.

  10. Wait a minute…there are no junclges in Nebraska!

  11. I think Tammy went to the taxidermist to get this image. That duck show too much attitude to be real! Well, I guess Daffy Duck has attitude, so perhaps he is real.

  12. Don’t mess with the guy in charge! He means it!

  13. Wouldn’t it be great to do a series with that duck – lots of “daffy” quality for sure. I love him in this location and I love the slowed water of the waterfall. Really impressive being handheld. Something compelling about this composition.

  14. What a character! You took great adavantage of a neat photo-op!

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