48. Misty / Foggy

I love how the unique combination of mist, fog and sunshine affected the atmosphere of this abandoned home.


~ by Tammy on February 18, 2011.

26 Responses to “48. Misty / Foggy”

  1. That is a great picture Tammy! That would look great on my wall 🙂

  2. it’s mysterious, I like the colors and all the processing

  3. Wow Tammy, totally awesome, I can really feel the mood of the old house, the fog is awesome. Great job

  4. The house looks familiar. You caught the burn off at a great time, not too dull not too bright!

  5. very nice fog/mist. I’m waiting for a ghost to walk out of the barn.

  6. Fabulous! This is a new favorite for me. Fog is not that easy to photograph well and I think it’s magic when you catch a scene in a way that you might never be able to duplicate.

  7. It does make it look eerie.

  8. Very nice! A mysterious mood comes across through the mist and rising fog.

  9. gives it a scary look, the only thing missing would be a ghost

  10. Ah Spookyville Nebraska, is that the Omaha WoW HQ Tammy?

  11. This is wonderful! Great find and fab processing to boot!

  12. The mist adds an eerie quality to this lonely house.

  13. I love this! How amazing. I love the old house and the mist.

  14. Me too – I love it too!

  15. It´s a beutiful picture. I can totally imagine this as part of a romantic movie. Like when the loving couple see their new home for the first time.

  16. Beautiful photo Tammy. I really like the fog!

  17. It really does add to the image, very cool!!

  18. Great image, Tammy, and you can see ground, too!

  19. It’s really cool, I love that there are some shadows amongst the fog. Neat!

  20. I love the mood of this photo – nice capture.

  21. Such a lovely photo, the mist just makes it perfect, with the sunshine in the foreground.

  22. Beautifully foggy and mysterious. This one reaches out and grabs me. Love it!

  23. Very nice, Tammy! A little moody but hopeful with the sunshine.

  24. Very nice! I love the fog drifting around the house. (I wish I lived in that house! I love those old farm houses.)

  25. The combination of sun and fog creates an almost magical sort of lighting. You took full advantage of that with this shot.

  26. A shot to die for. Gorgeous!!!!

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