46. The letter “Y”

The lakes are beginning to melt, I am loving the reflections on the melting water!  Do you like this better in color or w/ a brown tint?


~ by Tammy on February 16, 2011.

25 Responses to “46. The letter “Y””

  1. Love the color Tammy — I can’t believe you guys are melting ahead of us. We’re looking for warmer weather toward the end of the week. They say 50 — that would be great!

  2. I prefer the color one because you can also see the reflection of that beautifully blue sky! So jealous! It’s still gray and bleck here. But it’s getting warmer. So I will take gray. 🙂

  3. I prefer the color. I know, you never can tell with me!

  4. The color brings out the feeling of warmth.

  5. both pictures have their beauty, I do like them, the first one because of the colors, the second one because of it’s atmosphere.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    I like the color one with the blue sky showing. We are melting too. 60 tomorrow.

  7. I like them both but I prefer the colour. I find the contrast of the colours brings out the reflection more. The blue is really too beautiful to hide.

  8. I like the color – it’s also sort of red, white and blue………3 bands of color. Plus, look at you spotting letters in nature 😉

  9. Color is my fav on this one. It show off the reflections better and the background places the focal point on the tree. I think the tree and reflections get lost in the sepia image.

  10. Guess, I’d like to know how well you know your commenters. LOL

  11. How original and beautiful Tammy, well done

  12. In color. Great shot.

  13. Good eye to catch that. I prefer the color photo because the reflection stands out. One doesn’t notice it quite as much in the sepia.

  14. In color. It’s beautiful.

  15. A very creative shot. I do love the blues in the color version.

  16. “Y” does it take so long for the snow to melt! Both images offer food for thought. I like the color image because the water captures the cheerful blue from the sky and the gradient browns from the tree and the bush.

  17. Nice composition in the form and texture with great tones.

  18. I prefer th ecolored one as the blue water gives a nice color spot to th ephoto. Besides it has a warmer touch to it

  19. Color – the water is gorgeous!

  20. Ya sure, the color one.

  21. Like the color one better too! Nice shot for the letter Y. Looks like Lake Zorinsky.

  22. I like the color shot – the reflections are much more prominant.

  23. I love the color scene as one can really appreciate the reflections in the water and catch every nuance in this lovely photo.

  24. Definitely the color one. The colors and tones are so rich and show off the reflections.

  25. I like the colour one the best.

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