45. Barn

The weather is finally turning warm…we had a day of 65 degree weather with more of those days coming….the snow is melting, and I am betting it will be gone by the end to this week (just in time for it to snow and freeze rain again next Sunday lol).   I got out and took some pics over the weekend.  This is a barn you have all seen before, but with a different perspective.



~ by Tammy on February 15, 2011.

29 Responses to “45. Barn”

  1. Nice Tammy — what did you do in post processing?

    • A really quick one….a few of the topaz adjust filters (spicify on one layer, and then photo pop on another layer) then soft blend mode on both of those layers, combined them into one image and then adjusted levels. I also dodged the red silo to lighten it up a bit to make the red pop. Then added a frame.

  2. Fabulous! I love the traces of snow and the red silo really pops!

  3. it’s a barn as big as a farmhouse, I like it and your well done processing.

  4. Please send some of that heat-wave over here to. We´ve had about 30 minus (celsius) for a lot of days now….

  5. Such a great picture. Love the textures.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Looks like a really big barn and well used. Hoping we get some of that nice weather too. Have a great day!


  7. I love those weathered white barn boards and the pop of red in the silo is awesome. It must be so nice to see the snow GOING!

  8. today is freezing, but it was beautiful yesterday and will warm up tomorrow for a few more days. That barn looks great and the processing and frame work really well.

  9. It is beautiful Tammy, no doubt, but in Nebraska – a State that must be literally packed with barns, you have to do repeat performances. LOL

    • Actually my area is not full of barns…I have to drive out a ways to find some unique ones…our area mostly has the ugly steel buildings.

      • Lots of our old country houses were washed away in the floods so I suspect that the rebuilding will involve more steel and on stilts to make them more surviveable but uglyer. too!

  10. Repeat photo or not – I like it! We in Idaho are also experiencing melting but they (weather predictor/person) says snow tomorrow. After all, it is still February!

  11. Looks great Tammy, nice capture!!

  12. This is one of my favorite barn shots. I love the perspective and the snow laden ground. Crystal clear and full of expression.

  13. The foreground leading up to the barn makes a nice contrast against the barn walls, the creepy tree and the red silo.

  14. I really like the “oomph” the red silo gives to this image. Just the perfect amount.

  15. I’m trying to think of the right word, but none of them fits: pencil, sketch, linear…What I’m seeing and appreciating here is that it’s the lines that define this photo: the stubble, the planks on the barn, the bare tree. (PS I am also wicked jealous: 60? Yesterday it was up in the low 50s here, and it feld balmy.)

  16. I love old barn shots. Old barns have so much character.

  17. My head is swimming with all those topaz filters you use . they sure make your photos special.

  18. nice composition on this one, I really like that barn! Looks pretty cool with the snow dusting too.

  19. A lovely barn and great processing. Topaz is fun to work with. Thanks for your work flow.

  20. As hard as it is to admit this shot made me nostalgic for my old stomping grounds. You captured the feeling of the late winter day wonderfully.

  21. I love barn images!! There is just the right amount of red to bring the eye into the image to see it’s beauty.

  22. I like the red silo tucked into the corner. Very pretty shot!

  23. Just beautiful. I love the snow in the foreground. I also like the large grassy foreground. It balances the picture well.

  24. Your composing is so fine, this is perfectly balanced indeed.

  25. Love this barn shot!!

  26. The processing and balance of colors is just so close to perfection. Great crop also!

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