Macro Monday: Pretty in Pink

Still playing w/ my cut tulips!  🙂

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~ by Tammy on February 14, 2011.

21 Responses to “Macro Monday: Pretty in Pink”

  1. I hope you wear clogs when playing with Tulips!

  2. Love it Tammy! Very unique and lovely!

  3. really nicely done, Tammy. Unique angle and gorgeous colors.

  4. One of my favorite combos is pink and green…so wonderful on the stark black background.

  5. This is just lovely Tammy. 🙂

  6. Gorgeous Tammy!
    What a fantastic macro!

  7. very georgia o’keefe like 🙂 happy valentines!

  8. This is just beautiful! I love the unique angle and the delicate coloring.

  9. Beautiful Tammy!!

  10. Great macro shot. Good thing you still have the tulips!!

  11. I love flower shots that show us the more unusual aspects of the blooms–in this case, the soft color of the underside of the tulip.

  12. Very nice macro! Love the color.

  13. Very beautiful angle and view. You clearly love this tulip!

  14. roses are red, so red, tulips are pink and pink – it’s nice to look at the flowers in an unusual way, and I do like it.

  15. Love the colors, great macro

    Dew Drop

  16. if there is such a thing as texture in a soft surface you captured it spot on! you added the perfect proportion of the stem creating strong interest!!!

  17. Love this one Tammy!!

  18. Great macro and beautiful colors, Tammy! I love this one.

  19. I LOVE this shot Tammy. The colours and texture are so soft. Beautiful!

  20. Beautiful! I love that sliver of focus along the petal edge.

  21. very beautiful…it has that soft quality that lightens the heart!


    …now a follower, looking forward for more!

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